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GNSS Water Conservation & Landforming

Industry leading GNSS landforming, surveying and field design

Features & Benefits

  • Dual-constellation (GPS + GLONASS) satellite reception for maximum accuracy
  • Single or dual scraper control
  • Grade more than 12,000 acres from one setup
  • Unique X30 touchscreen displays real-time elevation, maps, position and menus
  • Survey, create cut/fill maps and start grading without ever leaving the cab
  • Optional AGForm-3D survey software provides easy-to-use field design

Time tested, field proven

Topcon's GNSS landforming and grading system lets you hit the field, survey, create cut/fill maps and then start grading all from the cab. Best-fit calculations reduce yardage up to 10% versus traditional hand-calculated laser surveys. The big, bright 12.1" X30 color touchscreen displays real-time elevation, maps, position and menus.

NEW! Simultaneous autosteering and autoleveling with X30/AGI-4

Now, get the best of both worlds: World's best landleveling with world's best autosteering. The Topcon X30 Console, using Horizon software, can now be teamed with the AGI-4 Receiver/Steering Controller to bring high-accuracy landforming and high-accuracy autosteering together in one solution.

MC-R3 Controller

Integrates receiver, radio and controllers with multiple I/O ports for maximum connectivity. Robust processing and programmable valve drivers provide smooth hydraulic control for cuts/fills, grading and surveying.

HiPer V Mobile RTK Base Station

Integrates receiver, radio, antennas and rechargeable battery and functions as a mobile, cable-free base station, fixed base or survey rover. HiPer V provides GNSS corrections for high-accuracy Z-axis positioning and fast and easy data collection for surveying.



AGForm-3D is the original, easy-to-use solution for improving surface drainage and irrigation efficiency. Its Variable Slope PWCS design (included, no extra cost) has revolutionized land leveling by reducing the volume of material lmoved and by keeping design surfaces closer to the original terrain than older multi-planar methods. AGForm-3D puts you in complete control with its ability to survey, design and create plots and reports in a single program.


MC-A1 Antenna

Integrated ground plane and precisoin micro-centering technology to reduce multipath errors.

CR-G5 Dome Antenna

Features internal choke ring for exceptional performance in the most demanding multipath prone environments.

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