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Laser Land Leveling

System Five Laser Landleveling, Surveying, and Water Management

Features & Benefits:

  • Time and field-proven technology
  • Single or Dual scraper control with 9164 or 9256 controllers
  • Flexible options from basic manual indicate to fully automatic laser machine control
  • For economy, LS-B110 Laser Receiver gives automatic control where survey capability is not needed
  • For indicate, LS-B110 High/Low/On-grade light indication gives manual control
  • RL-200 Series Slope Lasers set new standards for simplicity and accuracy

System Five - Single Control 9256

Combine with a TM-1 mast and LS-B110 laser receiver for automatic control and survey capabilities on a single scraper. Survey function adds, then averages elevations. Perfect for field leveling or maintaining roads or ditch pads.

System Five - Dual Control 9164

Elevation control for two scrapers - or slope and elevation on a single scraper. Combine with TM-1 survey masts or use rigid masts for economy.

RL-200 Series Slope Laser

Two models available:  RL-200 1S Single Slope and RL-200 2S Dual Slope. The RL-200 Series sets new standards for simplicity and accuracy. Rugged, lightweight, and compact to give twice the laser at an amazingly affordable price.

LS-B110 Laser Receiver

Visual grade indicators for manual control or automatic mode for cutting-edge hydraulic elevation control. Simple, secure mechanical mounting bracket. Offers 360° reception, bright multi-color grade indicators, adjustable on-grade accuracy, waterproof, dustproof, alkaline or rechargeable battery, and plumb indicator.

TM-1 Electric Mast

The TM-1 mouns on the scraper mainframe where it raises and lowers the laser receiver for quick, accurate surveys.

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