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SGISpro Data Management & Analysis Software

Market-leading software for professional agronomy service providers

Features & Benefits:

  • The "engine" behind an advanced precision ag effort
  • Built on industry-leading ESRI ArcGIS 10 components
  • Delivers insight that puts you in control and impacts profitability
  • Converts yield, soil sample and other ag data into geo-referenced maps for understanding crop performance and making more accurate application plans
  • Efficiently and effectively builds multi-product and variable-rate plans that can be customized to growers' local conditions and requirements
  • Guides agronomic and economic recommendations for more profitable crop production decisions

SGIS Download

Precision from initial data import to final analysis

Data Import

SGISpro software accepts data types and formats from a wide range of implement manufacturers. Templates and program wizards let you quickly import soil test data and spatial or relational information. For accuracy, SGISpro applies data range filters as well as an automatic unit conversion capability.

Data Correction

SGISpro harvest data processing option incorporates yield information into the decision-making process. Simple import wizard converts various data formats from combine monitoring systems. Other advanced features guide adjustments based on variables such as crop mass, moisture content and GPS delays. All of these features contribute toward more accurate yield maps.

Agronomic Customization

A recommendation builder module lets you write rules tailored to your local requirements. Based on standards that you customize, these formulas or equations guide the development of application plans. This feature sets SGISpro apart in that it lets agronomists input their knowledge of local conditions and preferred crop husbandry practices.

Application Plan Generation

Based on existing data and recommendations, SGISpro creates flat-rate or variable-rate application plans for either single or multiple products. For convenience and workflow efficiency, frequently-used plans can be saved for future use.

SGISpro application plans can be used across a broad range of consoles such as the Topcon GX-45, X20 and X30, and virtually all other controllers, including the Falcon II / Falcon VT and the Viperpro. An as-applied feature maintains detailed application reports that serve as a record of the scope and quality of all application work that has been completed. These reports are created automatically every time that data is imported into the system.

Profit Analysis

SGISpro profit analysis calculator guides key management decisions on controllable corp inputs. SGISpro guides the user in evaluating profit potential, yield projection or other objectives. The profit analysis is just one example of the many user-defined reports SGISpro has to offer.

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