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SGISfarm Precision Farming Software

Simple-to-use data management software for farm owners and operators

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use interface focuses only on functions proven to create value and make more money for the farmer
  • Imports and manages all type of data critical to a successful precision farming operation - inlcuding soil test, harvest, as-applied, as well as crop sensors data
  • Import process includes automatic quality checking features plus tools to manually inspect and edit the data after importing, if necessary
  • Open architecture design complies with international data format standards as well as the most popular GIS and image file standards
  • Build on industry-leading ESRI ArcGIS 10 components

SGIS Download

Valuable Field Data Reports

SGISfarm creates all of the important reports that you need to enhance your management decisions. This includes all nutrient maps from soil probe testing, harvest data such as yield mass and volume and mositure content, and also as-applied data which is the "where and how" of the crop input application.

Variable rate seeding is also an SGISfarm strength, with "Best in Class" support of AGCO planters and those equipped with DICKEY-john IntelliAg™ contorls. SGISfarm is also a preferred software for processing and managing harvest data collected by all AGCO combines.

"Wizard" like Recommendation Process

SGISfarm features a simple, easy-to-use and learn process for creating variable rate crop input maps wihtout sacrificing quality and reliability. This is done first by focusing on very basic but proven recommendation methods. These methods are then "pre-packaged" in templates which eliminate the need for the user to learn the complex process of writing equations.

Some templates are provided with the product, but new ones created, either by Topcon or your local SGIS Agronomist can be added at any time. This makes it easy to customize SGISfarm to meet the specific needs of your cropping practices and regional economics.

Topcon Precision Hardware Support

A key strength of SGISfarm is its tight integration with Topcon precision products as well as a number of machines from AGCO, a Topcon strategic partner. SGISfarm is the perfect tool for creating variable rate maps for Topcon's legacy X20, the GX-45 sold with Topcon System 150 as well as the new and innovative X30 console sold with Topcon System 350.

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